Good life – simplifying our lives, cultivating a sense of community, spending more time with friends and family, eating good food – ethical production, authentic tastes, home cooking, healthy recipes with local and seasonal products, are concepts always inherent in the experience of the Greek life through food, like simple, ancient truths. And they still survive when we gather around the table’s festive bounty, comfort, delight and warmth.


Despite huge global changes, attributes like simplicity, fine ingredients, respect for human labor and close connection between food and landscape are at the heart of Greek cuisine. Long lunches, long dinners, long tables, small plates and tiny glasses, all in the beauty of the Greek outdoors; this is what slow food is and this is where memories are made. And this is the original, creative culinary heritage of ours that we want to share with you!


“ …that ultimate violet light which makes everything Greek
seem holy, natural and familiar… ”

Henry Miller


Antiparos + Paros 2019


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We are film production professionals, so we love to tell untold stories, to capture unseen pictures, to seek out the perfect location, to wait for the perfect light. But most of all, we know how to bring together the best people of every field and ensure the best conditions for the cooperation of the whole team.

We collaborate with the most interesting and creative visual storytellers in the world, artists, photographers, stylists, culinary experts, also foodies and writers, to help you learn or improve a skill and at the same time create community.

Each learning workshop or retreat is individually tailored and designed as a narrative device to reveal the aura of the place, the season and the inspiring people around our table. An experienced based travel including comprehensive insight into the technical, creative, and business sides of visual storytelling or just storytelling as well as hands-on sessions with real-time feedback and instruction along with additional activities and the opportunity to get to know the tutors outside of the workshop as well.

Our workshops and retreats are open to non-photographers and all levels of photographers from professional to iphoneographers to the new hobbyists and all breeds of storytellers from blog writers to beginners.

“ If you take Greece apart, in the end you will be left with an olive tree,
a vineyard and a boat… which means that with these items
you can rebuild Greece… ”

Odysseas Elytis, Nobel Prize for Literature, 1979