What is the Saffron Gatherers experience?

The Saffron Gatherers experience is an extremely friendly “creative zone”, driven by participants’ shared enthusiasm and lively exchange of ideas, which includes lessons delivered by talented instructors. Every retreat or workshop is different and is created to uncover, develop and stretch your creative and cultural imagination. You will receive hands-on training supplemented with lectures, demonstrations and practical experience, exploring Greece in a unique way. Our goal is to create a community and provide guests with luxury, authenticity, adventure in some of the most beautiful locations of the country.

What type of instruction is offered?

Each workshop or retreat is tailor-made, however all of them are filled with learning, adventure and fantastic opportunities to spend time with interesting and like-minded people. Our leaders are some of the best visual storytellers, artists, photographers, chefs and authors in the world. Some of them teach in an informal style through a hands-on approach; others have structured lectures and demonstrations.

Most workshops or retreats go over using your DSLR or iPhone camera, what your camera settings mean and what they control, lenses and their focal lengths, manipulating natural light, food styling, the business side of photography, utilizing social media and post-processing images in Adobe Lightroom. Some workshops or retreats go over the creative and business sides of storytelling with celebrated authors, while others go over the creative and technical sides of storytelling through moving pictures.

During our workshops and retreats there are always additional activities, like cooking lessons on traditional Greek cuisine, visits to local wineries, breweries, farms, markets, archaeological sites or Byzantine churches and monasteries, ceramic workshops, sailing excursions and so on. These are meant to help you discover and enjoy Greek culture in a wider perspective.

Who travels with us?

People of all ages sign up for the Saffron Gatherers experience. They are artists, photographers, foodies, bloggers, beginners, non-photographers etc. who simply sign up for the adventure and travel with people who share a common interest in learning, traveling and culture.

Some guests come with nothing but an iPhone, others come with film cameras and the majority with DSLRs. Some come to learn how to take better vacation photos of themselves and their family, some come because they want to discover their visual voice for personal expression, and others come because they want to strengthen a portfolio or build a career. Most come to have a good time and relax.  The group is often cosmopolitan. Such diversity of ages and origins results in an invaluable cultural experience and gives everyone the opportunity to exchange creative ideas drawn from various sources of inspiration.

We welcome non-photographers as well as all levels and breeds of photographers, from professionals to iPhoneographers, from hobbyists to beginners. Almost everyone is telling a visual story these days and everyone can benefit from a working knowledge of photography.

How can I best prepare for the photography lessons?

We highly recommend that those with a serious interest in photography come with a DSLR camera equipped with a fast lens. If you sign up for an event but feel unsure about which camera or lens to bring or buy, we can help you do the research and make the decision that best suits your needs. We also recommend that you come with the latest version of Adobe Lightroom installed on your computer.

Is airfare included?

Travelers arrive from all over the world and it is not possible to include international airfare in our prices. We recommend you arrange for a taxi on your arrival at the airport. In some case we may include transportation to your accommodation as we might be in a remote location and feel this is the best way to get you there.  You can find this information in the detailed description of every UPCOMING event. After we receive your travel plans and if we can match your flights to other people’s flights, we can share that information with you so that you can ride share (if this is something you would like to do). More information regarding your travel arrangements will be sent to you after registration.

What is included in the fees?

Each Saffron Gatherers retreat or workshop is different and depends on the location, the season and the theme. Registration fees always include accommodation and meals for the duration of the workshop, scheduled excursions, additional visits and lessons, transportation for excursions and visits, and every additional scheduled activity. The only thing not covered is airfare and transportation to the workshop location. You’ll find that information on the retreat/workshop details page.

I have a dietary restriction. Will there be something for me to eat?

The food culture of every region in Greece is such an integral part of each culinary experience that we let it dictate the food we serve. While there will be vegetarian options for every meal (as Greek cuisine
is based mostly on seafood, cereals, vegetables, legumes and fruits), in case you have any other dietary restrictions, just let us know at least 1 month before the workshop or retreat and we will prepare special dishes for you.

How do I register for Saffron Gatherers?

  • Find the workshop or retreat you are interested in.
  • Read the TRIP OUTLINE, PAYMENT DETAILS & ITINERARY information specific to the workshop/retreat you would like to participate in. There is a link to the REGISTRATION page on each event.
  • Fill out the REGISTRATION FORM. Please note that sometimes it takes us a day or so to respond.  We will send you an e-mail when we receive your application and you will get all the necessary information, including bank details, regarding your deposit for registration in the chosen workshop/retreat.
  • Send the initial deposit. Our preferred payment method is BANK TRANSFER. The Paypal commission will be put in good use for more delicious food and wines or more additional activities. 
  • You will be invoiced for your final payment as indicated in the description of the workshop/retreat.

How does the waiting list work?

When a workshop or retreat is full, we keep a waiting list. Being on the waiting list is free of charge. If a spot becomes available, we contact the first person on the list. That person has 24 hours to let us know before we move on to the next person. If a spot becomes available within 30 days from the start date of a workshop/retreat, the registrar will contact all persons on the waiting list by e-mail and the spot will be given to whomever contacts us first.

Cancellation Policy

Unfortunately, our retreats and workshops are non-refundable under any circumstances and the reason for this is that we have to pay our suppliers and providers in advance. Please make sure you can make it before you register.

If you need to cancel, we will happily help you find a replacement for your spot, and if a replacement is secured, you will get a refund less 200.00 EUROS and less any fees that were incurred to make the transaction. However, participants may choose to keep their deposit in an Saffron Gatherers holding account for a participation to a future workshop or retreat, less the administration fee of 200.00 EUROS.

Please note: Travel insurance is highly recommended.


All individual cancellations must be made in writing and are effective upon receipt.

Cancellation penalties for individuals are:

After you have made your deposit, a 200.00 EUROS transaction fee per person applies at all times.

Cancellation by Saffron Gatherers

Saffron Gatherers, in its sole discretion, reserves the right to cancel any workshop/retreat at any time, for any reason, including the cases of a rather small number of participants, compromised quality of the trip or compromised safety of travelers. In such cases, a refund for the payment received by Saffron Gatherers shall constitute a full and final settlement. Saffron Gatherers is not responsible for any loss incurred by non-refundable or non-transferable air OR travel tickets.  Travel insurance is highly recommended.

Please make sure you can make it and have thoroughly read the Saffron Gathers descriptions before you register.

If you have any questions before registering, feel free to contact us. 

My question is not answered here. How can I get in touch?

Feel free to contact us directly if your question is not answered.